14 February 2011

A Nod to St. Valentine

photo from Kirsty Neale

I love Valentine's Day. Yes, it's romantic, but more important, it's fun. Chocolates, frosted sugar cookies, and spending time with people you love, sharing love. Had to share with you today some fun links for Valentine's Day.

I am so charmed by these printable Valentines from the Etsy Shop Hello Clementine by Kirsty Neale. She has some lovely things in her shop.

photo by Kar

Love these pink sugar cookies (my mouth waters every time I see this photo) from Talkin' Chow Playin' House. They have several fun Valentine's posts you might enjoy.

photo by Sosorosy

I adore these Jute Hearts by Sosorosy on Etsy. So down to earth, so simple and pretty. These would be so perfect to accessorize gift packaging, to tuck in a card or to hang strings of them in garland fashion.

Love the color combinations in this photo and these gift tags are so lovely. I love turquoise and red together - they are a great couple aren't they? These are by the shop The Paper Addict on Etsy. I also have a crush on that robin's egg tea cup.

photo by Jennifer Biagi

And lastly, love these boxes covered in Valentine's Day paper ribbon by Jennifer Biagi of Paperjacks on Etsy. I can just imagine hiding all sorts of fun Valentine's Day surprises in a bunch of these boxes for my loved ones. I have never wanted much for Valentine's Day but I love sharing bits of love with others. Hope you were able to enjoy both receiving and giving on this sweet day.

We started celebrating Valentine's Day on Saturday with dinner at Marmalade Cafe and dessert at Grom Gelato (Crema de Grom, Tiramisu and Caramello - so good!) in Malibu which was fun. We're doing a little something fun each day. Sunday we made Valentine's and tonight we'll enjoy a favorite meal. Hope you have a wonderful, sweet Valentine's Day. It is such a great day to show the people you love that you care. Happy Valentine's Day!

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Spiral Style said...

What an interesting collection of heart/Valentine items. Thanks for sharing.

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