11 December 2012

2012 Personal Makeover Plans In Action

image via Dillards

The 2012 Sabrina is underway. I spent a day shopping with my dear shopping sister. She's a great person to shop with. She doesn't let you get away without making a honest try to look for things to try on. She encourages you to try new things, consider things you don't think would work and has lots of great suggestions. I tried on a lot of things that I initially had no interest in on the hanger. But as I tried to be open minded I was pleasingly surprised to see how regular, intense workouts are paying off. With her help, I tried on a lot of things that I normally wouldn't have even thought about. She was even nice enough to help hang things back on hangers for me. You can read more about shopping with her here.

After several hours of shopping work, we left with this fabulous skirt by Vince Comuto. It is so versatile I will be able to wear it with boots, heels, flats or even sneakers. It looks great, long and lean. I got a great new striped shirt in a pretty peach color that will go great with jeans or my black skirt. And I also got fitted for a new bra and found a lovely new one. I'll share more about that soon. I think a good bra is critical. You can see past posts on that here.

It was a good start to my Sabrina plans. Spending a few hours shopping was a great way to get the ball rolling. It's going to be a lot easier to go shopping on my own now that I spent a day shopping with someone else. Once I got going I started seeing more and more that I was interested in. A few new clothing items also got me thinking more about what I already have in my closet that I can adapt in new ways. I have a lot of great jewelry that I don't wear often enough. I have some great shoes I should wear more often. I just picked up three favorite pairs of shoes from the shoe repair shop up the street. A great investment to extend the life of my shoes. I have lots of options when I think about it. It's quite refreshing to look at everything with new eyes.

Today is the next big step: The Great Haircut. It's going to be a big change. I am nervous but then when I think how much I don't really like my hair right now I have to admit there isn't much to fear. It's going to be a bit of a relief because my hair has gotten so thick that it's a bit uncontrollable. So it will be great to tame the mane. I am so excited about it because I am so ready for something new. A good freshening up will go a long way. I think long bangs may be involved.

I'm also working on some home spa treatments. Whitening the teeth, being very attentive to skin care and moisturizing, and keeping up with the workouts. Getting enough sleep, drinking lots of water, eating healthy, vital food and taking a few nutritional supplements will go a long way to help boost my shine. Looking forward to starting 2013 refreshed and revived.

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Kelly said...

LOVE the skirt + your Sabrina theme. May have to borrow this idea. I am long overdue for some hair maintenance myself!

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