03 June 2013

Inspiration For Building Your Life

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I heard a little inspiration from Drew Barrymore that got me thinking. She was interviewed by Oprah Winfrey for OWN's Next Chapter series. I loved what Drew said and I was so inspired by what a survivor she is. She's come a long way from being a pre-teen drug addict! If she can survive that and find peace, happiness and success in life it should inspire the rest of us about what we can do too.

She talked about buying a house that she envisioned someday having a family in. This was before she met her husband, they were married or had a child. She said it was kind of a Field of Dreams "If you build it, they will come" moment for her. So she began to build that life she wanted. I love that. I have tried to live that way but perhaps over the past few years have wobbled a bit in my resolve.

So with a few things I really wanted to accomplish in the coming year seeming a little far-fetched at this point, I resolved to plan for them anyway and let them come to me without knowing exactly how or when that will happen. She said you can set up your future without knowing how or when it's coming. But putting yourself in a position to be ready for it is amazing I think.

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Barrymore began to make lifestyle changes that would be more in accordance with the life she really wanted.  She said she wanted a quieter life. So she began to shift her priorities, began to focus on creating a home and being at home more. I love how she expressed it, she said she wanted life to quiet down. She wanted a healthy, safe family environment. It was sweet to see Barrymore with her baby Olive, happily married to a kind man and settled down just as she'd hoped. 

Another thing that really inspired me is that she had this very clear idea that "It's not going to be perfect, but it is going to be GOOD." I think that's a fantastic way to look at life. Too often we hang on to these ideas about our future that are pure fantasy without any reality. It will never be the perfect picket fence life we conjure up in our heads. How could it ever be? But no matter what, it can be GOOD!

Great inspiration from Drew Barrymore. You can see video clips of Drew and Oprah here.



You, too, have been making so many intentional changes. Bravo.


Patsy Paterno said...

Hi Kalani! I enjoyed your post. It's always good to read about people who have turned their lives around. :^) patsy

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