11 April 2013

30-day Home Reorganization Project: Week 7

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I missed my Monday update on the 30-day Home Reorganization project. So here goes. I have been emptying closets, packing things that can go into a storage unit. It's not much and hopefully won't be in storage for too long, but will definitely make life easier for three people full time in this small apartment. Sigh.

I had part of my closet filled with things I purchased for that wedding celebration we started planning 18 months ago. Lanterns, cake stand, napkins, small frames, trays and glass candleholders. I took all that out and that is definitely going to storage. Then the few boxes of my life stuff, things I'm keeping from my past. Plus there are a few boxes of clothes that no longer fit the little one that are in good shape to be handed down.

All this created a decent amount of open space in the apartment except for the fact that all these boxes are now stacked in the dining room and were ready to be taken to storage. Then I hit a snag. I called the facility where I had planned to get a storage unit, where we can get a phenomenal discount, and there is now a waiting list and it may take possibly two months to get a unit. Sigh....

Last time I talked to the woman there, a few weeks ago, she had units available and it didn't seem like any problem to stop in any day and get a unit. Now I'm a bit up a creek without a paddle and trying to figure out what my options are from here. There are a couple of other similar facilities I can go to, it just changes everything I had all worked out. I don't want these boxes stacked here when The Man gets home.

Currently the place feels very pulled apart and not quite put back together yet. But it's a few minutes here and there to get it all done. I'm going to keep chugging along like the Little Engine That Could. I think I can, I think I can.

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