19 April 2013

Something For My Birthday List: Ray-Ban Aviators

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I think you may have already gotten the hint this week that I have Friday Night Lights on the brain. Yes, I am a little obsessed with Tami and Eric Taylor, their gorgeousness, their amazing marriage, their wit, sass, and fortitude. Another thing I can't get out of my head is Tami Taylor in her gold Ray-Ban Aviator sunglasses with that amazing hair of hers.

The Man actually has a pair of these and boy howdy wouldn't I love to steal them. But I know he is very protective of them and in fact I think he has them with him now. So I think I'm going to need to acquire a pair of my own. I thought they would make a great first item to add to my little birthday gift list. Maybe they will be my gift to myself.

I lost an amazing and very expensive pair of prescription sunglasses last Christmas. I'm still totally heartbroken about the loss and still hoping that someone I visited over the holidays will find them in their house or car. I know it's a pretty big longshot at this point, but you never know.

So I'm definitely ready to get a new pair of favorite, go-to sunglasses. The only problem with these is that when you have long hair and put them up on your forehead your hair gets caught in the nose piece and you end up losing a lot of hairs that get yanked out that way. So I am going to have to consider that.

But Tami Taylor, with that fabulous hair and sass sure makes Ray-Ban Aviators look hot.

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