23 April 2013

Dooney & Bourke's Florentine Domed Buckle Satchel

image via Zappos

I realized that it's been over a year since I started on a new quest to find a pretty new handbag. The investment piece handbag, in gorgeous leather, something you can carry with you anywhere and feel pulled together.

The one challenge I have with leather is that it tends to be so heavy. I've actually been using a messenger bag for most of the past year, which has actually worked out well with the cross-shoulder handbag trend that has been going. But it's not a fashion statement that sings by any means.

A few weeks ago I ran into this beauty. Gorgeous, gorgeous leather, perfect shoulder strap length, tassels & cool stitching on the straps. The Dooney and Bourke Florentine Domed Buckle Satchel is exactly what I was looking for and it comes in 20 different colors. Shockingly fabulous. The yellow, pink, light blue and purple are fabulous. I am a fan of the classic chesnut and natural leather, but the black is really gorgeous as well.

Another feature it has that I look for are sturdy metal zippers that close the entire opening of the handbag. It also has great organizational pockets inside: for cell phones, wallet, keys. I love a well organized, beautiful leather handbag.

This one has everything I like. I am adding it to my birthday gift list. That's the list of ideas for what I'll buy myself for my birthday. This might be a winner. Actually I know there would be no disappointment with this classic, statement piece.

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