01 April 2013

30-Day Home Reorganization Project: Week 6

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Okay we've crossed over into the realm where the title of the project and the number of weeks I've been doing updates no longer makes sense. It's been way past 30 days now. But it's too late to change the title of the project now. And I don't feel bad about it.

As you know a couple of weeks ago I tweaked my approach to the project by focusing on one room at a time instead of my random list. I have been focusing on my bedroom. I have been frustrated by paper. Even as I am going through papers, shredding them and throwing them away I continue to be bombarded by paper coming in the house through the mail, school backpack and my printer. It seems never ending.

The other thing that has been really frustrating lately is the dust. It's overwhelming. I could literally dust every day. Living with windows open does not help in the least but living with all the windows closed, with no warmth or ocean breeze from outside would be awful. But it certainly does take a toll on one's sense of accomplishment when it looks like you need to dust every day.

I have sorted through a lot of  paper, dusted a lot, found new homes for things and put organization to a few piles of paper that do actually need to be saved and tidily stored away. I have also taken care of quite a few tasks on my desk that needed attention, such as the parent survey from the school, the overdue letter that needed to be sent to a friend, the thank you cards I received from Afghanistan that needed to be passed on to church care package participants. It wasn't on my To Do project list but I also cleaned the bathroom from top to bottom, which took some time but is fabulous to enjoy again.

I thought I would get a lot done during Spring Break but I realize now that my body is telling me what I really needed was indeed a Spring Break. With The Bug away this week, my body said, "You're tired and you need to rest" continually instead of the "Okay what can we do next!" anthem I was hoping it would be singing at the top of it's lungs all week. The biggest lesson I am learning in 2013 is the need to slow down and that life is not meant to be a rush up a mountain of accomplishments. Stillness, thoughtfulness and simplicity do far more for the psyche and the soul. So as hard as that lesson is for a speed-demon Gemini, I am accepting it as a needed lesson.

Because of all the lessons I am learning I am glad this project has extended on beyond the original 30-day plan. It's been a great way to get things done and learn about myself, how I live my life and how I want to live my life. Have you learned any interesting lessons about yourself from Spring Cleaning? Things you've wanted to change or you didn't realize about how you live?

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Ruby said...

Hi Kalani! I understand how you’re feeling. It can be frustrating that even if I try to declutter all those paper, it just never seems to run out. I do hope that we both sort and figure things out.

Ruby Badcoe

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