25 April 2013

Looking Out For Others

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Last night I was talking with a friend about a mutual friend of ours who passed away a few years ago. Our friend had the uncanny ability to live such a busy life with two jobs, a husband, kids and grand kids and still be always on the lookout for the lonely and anyone who could use a helping hand. She was an amazing woman. The thing I loved best about her was that even though she and I talked several times I week, I never heard about any of her good deeds from her.

I always heard about them from the recipients of her service. I was always amazed at how she fit this all into her schedule. But I was more impressed that she took the time to stop, look and listen for other's needs. Then she went about filling them in simple and beautiful ways.

One night she brought some ice cream to my neighbor and then bathed and put her kids to bed for her and folded her laundry. Awesome ways to serve! I have been thinking a lot about friends and associates of mine who live alone as adults, who are not married and do not have family close by. My heart breaks for them sometimes to know that they can feel deeply lonely at times. I am thinking about what I can do to be of service to them. I can also be of service to friends with young children. They can often use lots of help.

There are so many ways to watch out for and serve others. I'm challenging myself and I offer you the same challenge to make the world a more beautiful and peaceful place by being more aware of the small and simple needs of those around us and doing what we can to lift their burdens and brighten their day. We undoubtedly gain great rewards in so many ways, most importantly a rise in our own gratitude and happiness when we can do these things for others.

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