22 April 2013

30-Day Home Reorganization Project: Week 9

My great accomplishment this week in the 30-day Home Reorganization Project (that has now become the 90-day project) was to get my bedroom in top shape. It is so fantastic to have so much open space in the room. Feels like more breathing space and more room to just be, rather than having too much to look at and too much around. It's more peaceful.

I think it can still be simplified even more but it works for now and heaven's knows I still have lots more pressing projects. Over the past few weeks I have removed a second dresser, my sewing table and other things that were taking up space. It is heavenly to have less in the room.

It's nice to see things coming together on a grander scale with more visible, larger projects now done. The kitchen is looking great except for two cupboards. It will be in great shape soon. We also did a big clean up in The Bug's room last week. So I think we are coming close to wrapping up our projects, which makes me really happy. I will be very happy to have things pulled together. Still trying to solve the storage unit issue. Fingers crossed that something opens up.

Every time I walk into my room I'm happy. It's so lovely to have it feel simple and pulled together. Looking forward to wrapping up this little (BIG) project soon. Sending you best wishes for a wonderful day. Remember you decide how it will go.

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