16 April 2013

30-Day Home Reorganization Project: Week 8

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This will be a short update today because I just updated a few days ago. I am working hard on my room to get rid of the last couple of stacks of paper that need to find a home or be recycled. It's amazing how many brochures, handouts, instructions. magazines, notebooks and catalogs can quickly pile up. I try to keep those things under control but they can still pile up quickly.

Examples of frustrating things I don't know what to do with include articles I have torn out of magazines, travel brochures and instructions for projects that I have sketched out and one lone skirt pattern. There aren't enough of them to make a binder or a place to keep them and putting them in files seems to just be equal to putting them in a black hole. So I feel a little frustrated with those little annoying organizational issues.

I am also working on organizing my closet a little bit better. I found some organizing bins that will work great to wrangle my workout clothes and pajamas on the shelves. They at an out of the way store, so I haven't made that trek yet but I know that it will make things much easier with the stacking and sorting on those shelves. There is a lot of space in the closet now that I have taken out all the wedding decorations that I was storing in half of it.

My room is looking so much bigger now that there is significantly less furniture in it. I am soaking my white bed quilt in the tub overnight in OxyClean to whiten it up before I throw it in the wash tomorrow. I try to do that at least once a year to keep it looking sharp.

I am wishing I could get a big new bed. The bed I have now is past it's prime for sure. I'll have to work on that. That's the organization update for this week. Hoping the room will be all pulled together by tomorrow and then on to the other bedroom. I have a lot of filing to do in there again. Doesn't sound very fun, does it. I will have to celebrate how wonderful my room looks for a bit before I jump into that next project.


Sally W. said...

In my attempt to bring order to my sewing/craft/spare bedroom (Mason's room), I have organized my sewing/craft patterns in a more manageable system. Sometimes I walk into that room just to admire my neat files! :)

kalanicut said...

Hooray for enjoyable accomplishments! I love being able to see the fruits of my labors. Sounds wonderful.

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