26 April 2013

Looking Back At The Week Time

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I thought I would share a list of fun things that happened this week. It's good to look back, isn't it, and count our blessings and recognize moments of bliss that make life sweet.

1) Cuddle Time -- I've learned a lesson. More one-on-one time means more hugging and less time outs. This theory has made a big difference around here. I try to spend 30 minutes right after school to just play with The Bug. It's a sweet time.

2) Play Dates -- We had an awesome play date this week with our dear friends. It's so great when my friends' kids can be my kiddo's friends. Love creating those second generation friendships.

3) Park Time -- Getting out to the park is so good for the soul. It's fun to watch the kids run around chasing each other, giggling, squealing and playing. Good for the soul.

4) Writing Time -- I'm working on a new writing project every free moment I get. It's amazing how draining it is in a great way. Creating a world in your mind is a great adventure.

5) Driving Range Visits -- Sitting at the golf course driving range watching The Bug learn a new skill and then watching all the other golfers at varying stages of development and skill with an ocean breeze blowing is pure, fabulous therapy. Next week I take my clubs with me.

6) Nap Time -- I have been trying to sneak in naps when I can. I get up quite early and am up late working on projects. Taking naps has been a good thing and really has been a big help.

7) Inspirational Reading -- I've been trying to take time each day to read inspirational passages from good books and blogs. It's amazing what you can learn that seems to speak exactly to your life in the moment.

8) Organizing Time -- Things are really coming together around the house and I am appreciating the hours I have put in over the past couple of months to rearrange or reorganize this home. It inspires me to keep things clean and organized and makes getting things done much more easily. I'm starting another big chore tomorrow.

9) Shopping Time -- I'm looking for a dress for a special occasion again and thinking about refreshing the summer wardrobe. There are some big sales going on this week. I'm putting some time into getting some good things at great prices.

10) Journaling Daily -- I've tried to go back to doing three pages every morning in a journal. It has definitely helped me clear my head, work through frustrations, count blessings and stay focused on what's most important. It is such a good habit to have and you end up with an amazing record of your life.

These are things that are guiding me this week. I'd love to hear what's guiding you this Spring. I learn and am so inspired by our online conversations.

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