17 April 2013

A Few Things From These Parts

This post is for my aunt who worries when I don't post according to my regular schedule. haha. Thought I would share a few fun things from the past few days.
  • Sunday was my dad's 70th birthday. His three siblings surprised him with a visit here in California. It was so fun to get to spend the day with them all on Saturday. We went to the Reagan Library and then sat out at the pool at their hotel all afternoon which was so fun and relaxing. I also got to see one of my mom's sisters and her son too. Great family day for a girl who never has any family near where she lives
  • I've been watching Friday Night Lights on Netflix. I had heard so much talk about how great it was and for years I've been thinking about getting into it. A few weeks ago I finally started that first episode and late at night when things quite down and I have a few minutes to myself I've been watching episodes. I pretty much just want to be Tami Taylor, married to Coach Eric Taylor at this point. I swear I'm just going to break out with their accent at any moment. Tami's hair is just too fantastic and good grief Coach Taylor, he's just one awesome, kick arse, handsome man. Here's a link to an LA Times Article saluting the marriage of Eric and Tami Taylor. If you haven't watched Friday Night Lights there are some amazing characters developed in that show.
  • I finished a part of a portion of a big journey for our little family on Monday. I realize a huge weight is off my shoulders suddenly. It's rather shocking because I didn't anticipate things would happen as they did. I am really excited to move forward. Looking ahead to doing a bunch of writing and maybe even a creative project. I haven't done one in a while. Always good for the soul.
  • I've been loving spending time outside lately in small bits and pieces throughout the week. Swings at the park under big blue skies, dipping feet in a swimming pool, walking on the beach, staring up at the stars or a full moon. I always remember that if I spent time outdoors in the Spring and early Summer I always enjoy the entire Summer more. Some years I don't get that tradition going until well into the Summer season and then I am always so sad when it feels cut short a few weeks later. I am determined to enjoy the outdoors as much as possible this summer.
How about you? What special things have you been enjoying lately?


Sally W. said...

Steve bought me a bike a few weeks ago - a crossover cruiser. I've been slowly getting my bike legs and we've been enjoying trips to the beach bike trails in Ventura County.

kalanicut said...

Oh Sally I want to hear more about bike paths in Ventura! That sounds like so much fun. Happy riding! One of my very favorite activities in life.

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