08 April 2013

My Favorite Summer 2013 Wedges From Nordstrom

images via Nordstrom

Thoughts of summer are starting to sneak into the head and with it, fanciful ideas about fun fashions for the wonderfully warm days to come. I thought I would share with you four pairs of sandals that make my heart sing -- all now available from Nordstrom. I have one complaint about the current shoe scene, the heels are TOO high. I'm 5'10" tall, I do not need 7-8 inch high shoes. Seriously. It's ridiculous. So many cute designs that are way, way too high for any sane purposes. C'mon designers. They look pretty but they're ridiculous.

1. Kork-Ease 'Ava' Wedge Sandal (Nordstrom Exclusive) - love that orange of course. These remind me so much of my favorite sandals when I was a kid. Classic throwbacks, super comfortable & good for fun days in the sun in pants, dress, skirt or shorts.

2. 'Salt and Pepper' Wedge by BC Footwear - These babies have summer written all over them. Love a good stripe! Would be so cute with so many colors. Really darling with a floral dress.

3. Criss Cross Sandal by Nelly Venturi - I want these to be a real wood sole but couldn't verify it in the description. Love these. So simple in their perfection. Love the contrast of leather to wood.

4. 'Caicos' Sandal by Børn - These are just pure fun. I love Fushsia with a tan. Can just see these with lotioned up, pretty, tan feet.

Did you find something that inspired you here? There are a bunch more gorgeous styles from Nordstrom here. These babies make we want to run out and buy a bunch of darling summer skirts and dresses, buy tanning lotion and plan a day at the beach. Here's hoping this if a fantastic summer for great clothes and good fun!

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