18 April 2013

Losing My Creative Project Mojo

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I realized that it's been quite a while since I have done a creative project. I start yearning for creative time when I go too long. Usually I have a list of several creative projects I am dying to do and just itching to get time to do one or all of them.

When I recognized that I was feeling that yearning to be creative I started thinking about what I would like to do. And then something a little scary happened. Nothing came to mind. Nothing, nada, blank screen. So I tried not to panic and gave myself some time to think about it. Still nothing. Days later, still nothing. What is going on?! This is a bit traumatic!

I guess maybe I've been putting all my creative energies into reorganizing the house. But that is not very fun. I did put a bit of creativity into birthday boxes for The Man. But I haven't done anything that just pure and simply feeds my soul, that is completely and only for my enjoyment and nothing more. Maybe I'm too busy and tired, knowing that I am trying to build up a reserve of energy for The Man's return and all that will come with that.

Maybe necessity really is the mother of invention and maybe I don't need anything. My home is finely furnished for now. I don't need any art for the walls, pillows for chairs or beds, no more storage solutions at the moment. Maybe there is no need that is fueling my need for creativity right now. When I was younger and desperate for affordable home furnishings it was great to make my own or remake thrift store furniture of all kinds.

So here I am itching to do something creative and yet I have absolutely no interest in doing anything I can think of yet. I'm not sure where this is going to go. But stayed tuned, you'll be the first to know if I come up with something. I think my first step needs to be taking time for a little inspiration. I head over the Pinterest, maybe a museum, my inspiration books, and maybe the craft store. Hopefully I'll find some inspiration to get my juices flowing.

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