06 February 2013

Etsy Valentines For My Fun, Quirky Family

images via Etsy

Every holiday season I love to visit Etsy to see all the amazing creativity that flows there. Needless to say my socks were charmed off by all the many unique gifts I found that would be so perfect for all my favorite Valentines. Hare are four that are just perfect for my little family and I had to share them with some serious enthusiasm.

1) Felted Wool Valentine's Sheep -- I have a thing for small animal sculptures, particularly made of fabric or wood. Felted wool sheep, I mean seriously, how cute are these.  I love how they are posed in the photo. They are actually called Shades of Gray sheep but that just totally tarnishes the whole cuteness to me, so I can't think about that. (Big smile.) But I do love them. They are made by Lisa, of Bondurant Mountain Art in Harrisburg, Virginia.

2) Romantic Art Block -- The Man and I have had this exact conversation too many times to count. Sweet to have a little desk side reminder. These are made by John Golden, Wilmington, North Carolina.

3) Narwhal -- Okay this would be the one gift I would go insane for. The message is customizable, although the deadline for a V-day delivery is passed. But this certainly could be adapted to anything and everything. Just today The Bug and I were reading about Narwhals in a book and then acted out the Narwhal scene from the movie Elf.

Narwhal: Bye Buddy. Hope you find your dad.
Buddy: Thanks Mr. Narwhal.

So Mr. Love Narwhal here couldn't be more up my alley right now and I think I'm going to own one in the very near future. Wish I could get him super sized. Darling love Narwhal is made by Armadillo Dreams, Dustin and Amanda Cowell, Redmond, Oregon.

4) Customizable Leather Bracelet -- Again I love that you can put anything here you want. Coordinates to home, secret code love messages or whatever quirky love sayings you have in your family. I'm a big sucker for dark brown leather and gray or silver metal together. Would love seeing this wrapped around The Man's wrist while I was holding his hand which I sorely miss doing. Dakota Designs is the shop that sells these bracelets, owned by Summer McDowell, Kansas City, Missouri.

I'm hoping to have a chance to post a few more Etsy features before Valentine's Day. Here are links to past posts I've done on all the beautiful February 14 inspirations on Etsy.

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