12 February 2013

Appreciating The Little Things

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Yesterday was a pretty long and crummy day which lead to a night of bouncing between fear and trying to count my blessings and have faith that all will be well. We all have those days and nights, don't we? While I was cleaning the kitchen after our small and simple dinner the thought came to my mind, "Isn't it so awesome that it's winter and there are no fruit flies in the kitchen."

I'm not sure where that came from but suddenly I was thinking about how awful the fruit flies are here all summer long. How nice it is that there aren't any now. I have been leaving fruit out on my counter with our unusually cool winter and have not had to deal with one fruit fly. That is such a happy thing.

Then I was throwing away some food from the fridge and though how nice it is that the trash will not get hot and super stinky really fast. I could wait until morning to take it out. Gross I know, but grosser still are hot summer days with fruit flies all over the trash can and having to take it out every time you put something in there that they will like or that will quickly start to smell bad. Non-stinky trash, another very happy thing that winter makes more likely.

I realized I was counting small blessings -- the presence of winter and the absence of fruit flies and stinky trash. But how nice it was to not have either of those problems right now. As I continued cleaning, sweeping and mopping the kitchen I thought about how many small but grand things I have to be thankful for every day and what a blessing it is to my life to recognize and appreciate them each day.

Some days the only thing you might be able to find to be grateful for in the end might be having no fruit flies, but however small, there are beautiful blessings in our lives every day. Do you have any crazy little thing you that is really blessing your life today?

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