11 February 2013

Getaway Day At The Getty

Last Saturday I got to go on my first school field trip as a mom. It was my first time on a school bus since high school and I don't remember it being such a tight fit. I had to sit sideways because my knees would not fit in the seats. Ouch. But I was so glad we didn't have to drive or park, we just walked to the school and hopped on the bus and were there in just a few minutes.

We are so lucky to live in a big city with so many amazing things to do and places to see within minutes of our house. The Getty Center complex is visible from our neighborhood and one of the best places to visit in Los Angeles. The gorgeous architecture, gardens, world-famous art, great food, and fantastic views of Los Angeles guarantee a fantastic day, rain or shine. We got lucky and the weather was quite amazing. The lighting was great for photography too. Thought I'd share some of the lovely views.

The Getty is a fantastic place to take visiting friends, in fact I just took our house guests two weeks ago. It's also a great place for a date. It's where The Man and I went on our first date on a Saturday afternoon in May 2008. It's also a wonderful evening destination and open late on Fridays.

Kids love The Getty too, because right off the bat you get to take an awesome tram ride up the mountainside to the museum. The Getty has a great family space where kids can wander through a maze of fun interactive activities and a charming Children's Museum store where parents can buy a little something for the kids without breaking the bank. Prices there start at about one dollar and there are lots of cool things for less than $10.

The trees were still pretty bare but the flowers are starting to bloom. The tulips look like they are just a few days away from their glorious, but short-lived blooms. It was so gorgeous outside.

We started with art, then the deck views of Los Angeles and Santa Monica Bay. Then we wandered the gardens, dodging bees, inhaling the wonderful scent of the Angel's Trumpets and enjoying the meditative circular path walk. A stop at the kid's museum store landed us a small treat for The Bug, then we enjoyed a fantastic lunch on the cafe terrace. I have to say Getty Center, you make a killer Rice Krispy Treat. Wow.

We had just enough time to visit the Family Room for a few minutes and then pick up the fun free gift they gave to the school kids at the front desk and then walk back to the tram for the fun ride back down the hill. It was fun to see The Bug sit next to two cute boys from her class while they ooohed and aaahed at the views all the way back down. It makes me so happy to see her so happily settled here now and so enjoying her life.

Hope you enjoyed coming along on our field trip. I was so glad we went. It was just the right amount of time. It was so easy and I am so pleased with the new school, staff and families.

all images by kalanicut

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