19 February 2013

The Best of Saturdays

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I hope you had a fantastic weekend. If you are in the states, I hope you had a brilliant holiday weekend. I had one of those Saturdays that you dream about. Imagine it's February, 80 degrees, all the windows are open, you are eating fabulous food and doing only what you feel like doing. I had all the windows and curtains wide open for broad views of palms swaying in our near-constant ocean breeze that blows up our street and into our windows.

I thought I had slept in and realized it was only 8 a.m. by the time I'd been enjoying those half-awake, half-asleep moments that happen only on days when the alarm doesn't ring. I watched a couple of episodes of the latest series I'm catching up with on Netflix, then sat with my laptop in bed for a while catching up on pretty things. 

Then a friend from afar texted and when we realized we were both home along so we set up a phone call for after I took a long, lazy shower. We caught up with each other for two hours on the phone. That was a rare pleasure that we would both be without anyone of at home who desperately needed our attention for two hours. After that lovely, easy-going conversation, it was only lunch time. I drank lots of water and ate fresh fruit.

I kept drinking the day in. I put on some happy music. I took some time to blog and edit some photos. All fun stuff again. Then I talked to The Man for a bit. At that point it was only mid-afternoon and I decided it was a fine time for a nap. I curled up on top of my bed and let the sun sink into my bones from the open window.

I never did sleep, but I relaxed. Later I went out on what I call my Saturday Night Dates. I have a little circuit of all my favorite shops. I made a list of things I needed and headed out for a nice drive around the circuit. I found a cute pair of red tassel flats and bought a few supplies for the house. I got a few good organizational tools that will help with my 30-day organizational challenge too. I will tell you all about that tomorrow. It was a fun night out. I was inspired by pretty things and ideas I saw in the shops, something that always feeds my soul and helps me to better understand what I like and what feels like me.

When I got home I relaxed in bed and watched a little more Netflix. It was one of the best of Saturdays and just what I needed. I am so happy I had a chance to live an entire day just as I would choose to. It's so good for the soul.

When you have a day all to yourself, what are your favorite things to do?

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