07 February 2013

Fiskars Heart Paper Punch: Favorite New Craft Tool

image via Widget Supply

A few weeks ago we made one of those excited, pre-holiday trips to the craft and fabric store. My mind was all abuzz with Valentine's Day craft projects. We left the store with the most delightful stack of little treasures and a receipt for a bill that was probably about double what I was intending to spend initially. We bought pretty ribbons, hearts, a big beautiful stack of festive papers and my splurge was this Fiskars heart paper punch.

Now we have definitely made good use of our purchases and the paper punch, the one thing I felt I could least justify buying, has turned out to be one of the best craft investments I have made in a long time. You can see all the great features in this video - it's a paper saver too!  A lot of thought actually goes into the design of these Fiskar punches, I was surprised to learn. I have to say too that this is so easy to use compared to all the other paper punches I own. I'm sold on this easy squeeze action instead of the variety that require you to bang down on them repeatedly with your hand. The punched paper also clears out of this punch very easily which has never been the case with other brands I have purchased.

I have been making lots of paper heart garlands to give as Valentines to friends, to send in The Man's V-day care package and to decorate bookshelves and the mantle. You can see the mantle garland here. This punch is so easy to use, I now have pretty stacks of hearts all over my table in the prettiest pinks, reds and purples. While this was an expensive little treat, I got it at a discount using a coupon and I am so happy I grabbed it. Hearts are so universal I can enjoy using it all year long. I'm looking forward to all the projects I can come up with using my new handy dandy paper punch.

Have you made any tool purchases that you regretted for a bit until you realized how much you would use them and how easy they made things? What was the tool?

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