15 February 2013

Humidity For Sleep, Breathing & Beauty

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As I mentioned a few weeks ago I destroyed my last humidifier. I was so dumb and tried to pour water in the wrong way just because I was being lazy and...there went a $100 humidifier. To make matters worse I took it to a local fix-it shop and after months of calling to check on the status, someone other than the owner finally answered and told me that if I hadn't heard back from them by now my item had probably gone into the trash long ago. Glad I didn't pay anything in advance. Sheesh!

So a couple of weeks ago I took my trusty twenty-percent off coupon over to Bed, Bath and Beyond and picked up a new Venta Sonic Humidifier. It has been a dream. It helped me get through my month of sickness and I wake up every morning breathing freely and I know I'm sleeping better at night. The increase in humidity may help stop or reduce snoring too. It's quiet and puts out a very fine, cool mist.  It will also do warm mist if you want that, but I never use that feature so I can't report on that. It's not like some humidifiers that make everything around you feel wet by morning.

Once I got the humidifier my health returned to normal pretty quickly after that. I'm not saying it healed me but I think it made a difference in helping my body heal itself. The humidity opened up my passages, loosened mucus and allowed me to breath easier. That in turn helped me to sleep longer and more deeply.

Humidifiers are amazing for the skin too. My skin has never looked more amazing than on a misty day in Scandinavia. All that humidity plumps up the skin and brightens the cheeks. I think it helps cut down on the fatty creams one needs on the face as well. I definitely can feel a difference in how my skin feels when I wake up in the morning.

I'm loving having a humidifier again. I wish I hadn't waited so long to replace the one I broke. Just getting in bed, turning it on and inhaling the mist starts getting me relaxed for bedtime. If you're having problems sleeping, wake up stuffy or are having serious health problems a humidifier might be a nice blessing.

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