27 February 2013

A Few Minutes To Catch Our Breath

Saturday I set out to accomplish some big things and not a one of them worked out or got accomplished and I spent about five hours in the car from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. There wasn't anything I could do to fix things and the day was pretty frustrating. So I took some time at my favorite beach, our family beach, and walked.

Often we leisurely wander the full length of the beach. On Saturday I think I my walk resembled more of a march.  Up to the top of the beach, down to the bottom of the beach and back. It was good to walk it off, to slow down, breath, enjoy nature and get some sun on my cheeks. 

Sometimes the best thing to do, maybe the only thing to do is take a step back, walk away, stop the presses and just let things be. Taking a few deep breaths, looking for beauty and getting some sand between your toes is incredibly good for the soul, especially the frustrated soul. I walked away with a smile and then went and had a nice dinner by myself. It was good to find something good in the day and put the frustrations behind.

So here is a little visual breathing space for you today. Just in case you need it. Deep breathing, smiling, dropping the shoulders breathing space.

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