05 December 2012

Creating Vision Board 2013

I have been thinking a lot about vision boards this past few weeks. I am antsy to make a new vision board for my life. I am ready for an update. Looking back I think I have made four vision boards over the past  seven or eight years. They have been great inspiration and I am amazed at how many things I put on those boards have come to fruition.

Interestingly, on Sunday I happened upon this Oprah Winfrey show episode called Go Beyond The Secret with three of the great queens of vision boards: Louise Hay, Martha Beck and Cheryl Richardson. I saw this show when it first aired in 2008 and was happy to see it again. It seemed destiny for it to come on right after another show I had planned to watch. I stayed and drank it in again.

I am so happy to see that nearly all the things on my last vision board have come into my life. Not always as I have expected but truly there is very little there that has not come to pass or is about to come to pass. I think the only things on that board that have not happened yet or will be coming to fruition in the next few weeks are a trip to Denmark and moving into a house. Neither of those two things is out of the realm of possibility. They are doable, I am just waiting on the right time.

I went back this week and read this post I had written more than two years ago about looking in the mirror and asking Who Am I Now? Things I said there reminded me that I am ready again to look in the mirror as ask who I am and think about where I am at and where I want to go. As this year wraps up, I feel inclined to do that, plan particularly for the next six months and then beyond.

In the old days I would gather a stack of magazines and start thumbing through them looking for pictures or phrases to cut out. Now I can save my money and instead of spending $50 on a stack of magazines I can go to Google Images and search for exactly the kinds of images I want then copy and paste them into a Word document and print them all out on a few sheets of paper.

The cutting, arranging and pasting of all these images on the board is my favorite part and often takes a few days to get just right. It seems you have to tinker at this stage to get it just right and sometimes you just have to walk away and look at it with fresh eyes later.

I am going to buy my new foam core board today. I think I will get one for The Man & The Bug too. They both have vision boards they made in the past and I bet they are about ready for a fresh board too - a  fun family activity. Wouldn't it be fun to have a blogger night and all hang out together and make vision boards! Maybe I'll have to organize that one day.

Here are a few links about vision boards that might inspire you to do one of your own.
Preparing To Make A Vision Board
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all images by kalanicut



This sounds fun. I have only done the one for on my blog goals, that we did in Blogging Your Way.


everkelly said...

Ok, sign me up for Vision Board blogger night. You always inspire me, Kalani. :-)

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