10 December 2012

Avarcas Sandals: I Need These

images via Avarcas USA

Friday night we had quite a grand adventure. We had unexpected house guests, my sister and her dear friend who is like a sister to us. They appeared in our neighborhood about 10 p.m. and we were thrilled. Needless to say our two house guests and The Bug got playing with all her stuffed animals and it got quite rowdy. Then everyone fell into beds and crashed around midnight.

While I was supposed to be getting my pajamas on I happened to peek at Facebook and found a link to these sandals that would be available at a local neighborhood street market near our home. There was a photo of them that stopped me dead in my tracks. I immediately had an intense need for these sandals. They are perfect Kalani Sandals.

I quickly had to do some investigating and learned they are Avarcas sandals made in Spain. They are so pretty in every picture I have seen and seem to make feet look quite lovely too. You can also get them in animal prints and glitter styles too. Gosh you could probably have several pairs of these and be happy as a clam.

 I think the back strap might drive me a little cuckoo but the ankle strap I love. I know where I am getting next summer's favorite sandals. I would absolutely love a pair of the Mediterranean style and the Classic Style Strap. Perfect for jeans, capris or skirts too.

I realize for many of you it is the dead of winter. So I appreciate you indulging me. Maybe you are going on a nice vacation this winter and could use a pair of these? 

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