20 December 2012

What To Wear For Family Photos

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We've made plans this year to finally have a family photo taken. Sounds fine and dandy until I start trying to organize what we're going to wear that will give that just right look of not trying too hard, not matching too much, but looking like we go together and have some semblance of style.

Sadly enough I quickly pulled together multiple outfit combos for The Bug and The Man. The Bug is too easy. Her wardrobe is my dream wardrobe I would want right now. Why is it so much easier to find completely charming clothes in the kids department than the grown up girls department? So frustrating. I think I could come up with ten totally darling, fun, funky outfits for her.

The Man, a couple of years ago was determined to get a new wardrobe for work purposes. Well he scored on so much great stuff and if he found a pair of pants he liked he went back and bought three more pairs of them in other colors, same with shirts. Then we got lucky and found him some fantastic sweaters.. So he has the perfect wardrobe of basics with unending cool combinations of pieces. It was easy to pull that together too.

Then there's me. Do I wear a skirt and boots, pants...what? I have shopped myself silly and tried on tons of things and don't see a lot that I really like in the stores. I was open minded, I tried a broad range of options. And sadly, I have to say I think the state of women's fashion is a little big pitiful right now. Since the economic downturn the quality of many goods has had to go way downhill in order to lower prices and keep up margins. It also doesn't help that I'm tall and waistbands are popular in shirts these days. Every waistband or waist high bottom hemline is two or three inches to high for me. Things look silly.

So I thought I would do some digging and look for inspiration around the blogosphere. I know there are some great tutorials from other bloggers on how to pull off great family photos. Thought you might enjoy seeing these links so the next time you face the cameras it will be as stress free as possible.

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What To Wear For Family Photos

I'm still trying to decide if we start from a base color of black/gray or brown. The Man and The Bug have a ton of great brown options, I don't. I have mostly black and gray. So I still have some work to do.Wish me well. I am the problem one here. Ha. Ha.

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