14 December 2012

Secret Hideaway Tents From Etsy

I am on the prowl for a kid's tent. When we were young, my sisters and I made tents under the dining table that had an almost floor length tablecloth over it or with blankets over the card table outside on the deck, or with four chairs and blankets draped over the top. We often slept outside in a blanket fort and when we got a little older in a small family tent with mattresses for as many summer nights as our parents would allow.

The Bug has been making forts and enjoys finding little nooks to hide away in with stuffed animals and toys. After discussions with Santa Claus, I am on the prowl to help him find one that will work well in our home. She is tall so I want to make sure she has room to lie down. But we don't have a lot of space and I would like to find something that is easy to put up and take down.

There are a lot of very creative people making very charming tents for children on Etsy. You can check them out here. This green, yellow and orange tent (hello I love the color combo) by Campsite 5 is so cheery and would be so much fun to have set up in a playroom or in the corner of a bedroom. One of these would be a great spot for a reading nook, a hideaway or afternoon nap spot.

I am continuing my search. I think once I nail this down I will be done with Christmas. A couple of updates. My haircut experience was awesome and it turned out great. I am so happy about that. Today I went to my favorite fabric store that has the most knowledgeable staff and worked on options for my far-too short dress. We found a knit fabric that is an exact match with the lining of the dress. Then we found a 14-inch wide lace panel that has pretty edges on top and bottom. Our theory is that we're going to add on the knit fabric to the lining. Then sew the lace panel on top of the existing lace hem of the dress and add an ivory ribbon over the stitching just below the scalloped top edge of the lace. Did that make sense?

I was glad to have lots of opinions and help there. I started getting anxious the longer we looked at it wondering if it would work and what it was really going to look like at the end. The cost of the lace alone was exactly the same as the cost for the dress itself. Now my big question is whether I should attempt it myself or call the professional tailor I know. Big decision. Today I'm leaning towards our tailor because I really don't want to screw this up and to be totally honest I'm too busy right now to want to put any of my energy to this. It's possible it will need to be mostly handsewn which just sounds like craziness right now. I am determined to find a way to machine stitch it all. Wish I had a serger about right now. So I'll have to think about it for a day or two. Time is running out so I don't have a lot of time to goof around about it. I need to make a decision and take action immediately. Agh....what to do...what to do...

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