19 December 2012

The Holidays Celebrations Have Begun

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Our very happy holiday has begun. The Bug arrived last night. Now we scramble until everything is ready for a visit from The Man. The excitement around here is a little too insane. I doubt we will ever be more excited for the holidays than we are this year. That first moment we are all reunited is going to be off the charts insane.

Holiday shopping is done. Grocery shopping for the week happened last night. The Bug of course wanted to get a kid cart. I didn't realize how tiny those things are. Guess who ended up pushing it for the last ten minutes. Great for the back...and one's coolness factor..not so great for produce, chips & bread or anything that can get smooshed. Ha. Cleaning house needs to happen next. (That's not a fun part of Christmas... booo.) Winter clothes need to be pulled out of their hiding places. Laundry needs to be done. Suitcases packed.

It's so bizarre living in SoCal. The weather is basically about the same the entire year except for the second half of December where we are often in hats, gloves and coats. Then, come New Years it just goes back to normal. It is the weirdest thing. We're in a cold spell right now. I honestly do not own any long sleeve shirts...and I don't have any real sweaters. I have one super warm boiled wool & fleece jacket I wear when it's very cold.

Not sure what I'm planning to wear when we get to the mountains for a visit. I'll probably just wear my new ski jacket the whole time...the new ski jacket I bought today because I didn't have a coat. Ha. Thanks 60% off sale! I also bought The Bug polar fleece thermal pants and The Man is getting new ski pants and ski jacket. Got all this for a steal. So I hope we stay warm.

So it's countdown time to Christmas. For some reason now that I feel responsibility for a household for Christmas it seems I feel a bit of a panic the week before December 25th every year. I guess it's the moment when anything you wanted to make and haven't gotten to is probably not going to happen, when you realize you didn't do ALL those cute little Christmas-y activities you wanted to do. Things start dropping of the To Do list because they just won't get done in time. This year more than ever, I will dump anything that gets in the way of family time....as soon as I clean both cars, get the house cleaned and pack. Are you laughing yet? Sending you warmest wishes for your holiday season. I hope you are doing things you want to do, resting and relaxing and enjoying time with those you love.

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Kelly said...

Ah, the pre-Christmas cleaning. I need to tackle that one, too. Somehow it is SO much less fun than everything else on the list -- but having clean sheets + sparkling mirrors + all that really does make it easier to relax. So excited for you this holiday!

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