12 December 2012

A Great Experience With A Bra Fitting

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As part of my Personal Makeover Plans, on Monday I went into Nordstrom, got fitted for a bra and in less than 20 minutes I was headed out the door with a fabulously fitting bra. What a great experience. This beats by a long shot heading into a discount retailers mountains of jumbled bras, picking out 8-10 bras in different sizes and going to try them all on. Then having to get dressed and go back out and swap out a bunch of them for another size. This can go on for a good hour, with very little success.

Getting a bra fitting by a trained professional is a fantastic experience. If you have never been professionally sized there is a very good chance you are wearing the wrong size bra. Having "the girls" held high and centered in a properly fitted bra is one of the best ways to improve a figure and look 10 pounds lighter. Fittings at major department stores are free. The bras are a great investment. Two things that a woman should never skimp on: quality undergarments and quality shoes.

It was such a simple and easy experience to get fitted again. After a quick measurement around the rib cage, the lovely girl helping me went out and picked 3 bras while I waited. She also brought in a camisole so that I could see what the bras looked like under a fitted tee shirt. As I tried on each one she adjusted the shoulder straps, back and cups to fit me perfectly. We talked about the varying fit of each and what features most enhanced the girls and made sense for what I wanted.

I also got a great education about taking care of bras. She told me that bra size can change up to four times per year. So it's good to get checked regularly. She also showed me how to properly store bras and how to pack them for travel. Lots of things to think about. For all our bras do for us, we often don't give them the proper attention and care they deserve.

If you haven't enjoyed a bra fitting and the comfort of a properly fitting bra, you deserve to treat yourself. Visit your local Nordstrom, other fine department or lingerie store and invest in the happiness and good looks of a properly fitting bra.

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