25 December 2012

Merry Christmas 2012

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Hello dear friends. Wishing you a very happy and joyful holiday. It has been a fantastic one for us. It has been lovely to be with The Man and The Bug and see all my immediate family in the past four days. We are in the mountains and it is snowy and beautiful and cold.

We enjoyed a beautiful sunset this evening from the parents' backyard as the sun colored the clouds and outlined all the bare tree branches. So lovely. We also took The Bug on a tour on her new snow tube. Wearing "puffy pants" did not go over well with her and we've actually spent two days trying to teach this California girl that you have to wear snow pants outside in the snow.

She was also a bit shocked to remember that snow is very cold and you don't want to put your bare hand in it. She was not very happy when she got snow in her face while tubing. She did not like that one bit. But after getting used to things for a few minutes she was running with the best of them in her puffy pants and rosy cold cheeks, up the small hill onto her tube and down again and again.

Tomorrow we adventure out on her first day of skiing. Not sure at all how that's going to go, but we're hopeful she'll take to it with gusto. I find the first 20 minutes of anything new can be a bit tricky but she's an "adventure girl" through and through and once she gets the hang of it, you can't stop her. So I hope that will be the same with skiing too. Fingers crossed we aren't buying three all day passes and then leaving early.

We are having a great holiday and trying to make the most of it. That sure leaves us tired at the end of the day but this is a holiday we will remember. Hope that you and yours are enjoying the best of the season and the goodwill of all mankind. Warmest wishes, K

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So happy that you are together.


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