17 December 2012

Our Laughable Christmas Tree

Wow, tough few days here in America. Friday listening to the car radio as I drove to and from San Diego, I had to get tissues out to wipe away the tears. While sitting in the car dealership waiting room that afternoon I endured 90 minutes of pictures and more news coverage, while I sat wondering why on earth the parents next to me were allowing their two very small boys to sit and watch the TV. I will confess I wanted to shake those parents by the shoulders a bit.

Saturday it became very painful to learn that these sweet, lost children were first graders. We have a six-year-old first grader who is the light of our lives. That hit very hard on Saturday. God bless those who are suffering great loss at this time and all of us that we might find peace, healing and greater knowledge in His love.

With our little one in mind so very much this week, my post especially puts a smile on my face. I had to share our hilarious Christmas tree situation. Because we are often on the road most of December, we have never gotten a big tree. This makes me a little sad and I promised myself this year that we would get a big tree. Then being here by myself most of December and knowing we'd be traveling again, I just didn't do it. With all the major stuff we have going on this month, taking the time to find a tree just didn't make sense.

So once again we are celebrating using this tiny table top tree. This is the last year we are going to do this, cross my heart. I left most of the ornaments in the box and just focused on the mantle. Most important to me is that we enjoy the holidays and lots of love in the short time we will have together. All the presents are going into a suitcase unwrapped for travel.

At one point the tree, decorated by The Bug was looking pretty good. And then she found all these toilet paper cardboard centers I had saved to see if we might make a craft from them. If you're ever on Pinterest you know that there are a million and one craft ideas out there using toilet paper cardboard. Here's a link to several I just pinned. Then she started playing with all the ornaments. This is how she left it and honestly I haven't wanted to move a thing.

When she arrives tomorrow, we'll straighten things up but for a week now I've just left it with a smile. I'm hoping she'll be fine with dumping the toilet paper rolls. Fingers crossed. I love that we always seem to get a collection of wild animals and other very non-traditional decoration around the tree. On year it was hair rubber bands. I documented that here. Maybe we can get the ornaments back on the tree, pick up the ornament people who are lying all about and restore a little order to our little world. I pray that time together will restore a little order and peace to our hearts too. God bless you all.

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