10 May 2012

Mexico On My Mind - Living Simply

I've been thinking a lot about the simplicity of life I enjoyed on two past trips to Mexico. The first trip was down the coast of the Yucatan Peninsula with stops in several small resort towns and a side trip to Chichen Itza. The second trip was a week in the most amazing, big beach house in Nuevo Vallarta. I was so lucky to be invited along on that trip. So lucky.

It was so hot that most days all we did was sit in the pool for 8-10 hours a day and go inside to eat and shower. We had some amazing talks and sing-a-longs in that pool all week and came up with a lot of creative lounging options using a stack of foam pool noodles. 

A couple of days we went driving to see the area and several nights we went out to dinner at local restaurants. It was lovely.

One of the reasons I most treasure this trip is that one of our friends we traveled with died suddenly a few years later. Glad to have those memories with her!

And this is the thing I've most been thinking about. The simplicity of a traveler's closet. That's all the clothing I really need to be happy and blissful at the beach. There's something so amazing about how little you can live with. I think I can list everything in this closet in threes: three shirts, three shorts, three skirts, three pair of shoes and also a couple of pashminas and the necessary underwear. When I approach a closet to get dressed for the day and I see these simple options I know it's going to be fantastic.

Doesn't it make you think about how little you need to live a happy life. Granted beach living does not involve going to a job or living in cold weather, but even then, how much do you really need to have a great life. I'm rethinking my closet at this very moment. I know I can live happily on less. And I think it's fantastic that this is a lesson I've learned by following my passion for travel. Besides seeing the beautiful world, there are life lessons that abound in travel.

all images by kalanicut

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