29 May 2012

Adding A Few Summer Fashion Basics

image via Zappos

Picked these up this past weekend to spice up the summer "fun" wardrobe a bit.  Scored on a good 20% off sale which was great because I just don't see Vans on sale that often. Then I happened upon this super cute navy cotton embroidered top which I thought would make a pretty cute team with the Vans.

Impossible to photograph well and strangely I could not find one photo of this top online. Weird. Anyway it has all the perfect girly elements for summer: light cotton, pretty stripes, fun embroidered flowers, notched neckline. It will go great with a jacket or sweater on a cool night and works with skirts too. Love it.

I did do a bit of surgery on it. I'm just tired of elastic waistband tops. Especially since they are usually too short in the waist for me and just ride up and drive me crazy. So I took the scissors to this top and cut the elastic out. The photo is pre-ironing out all the wrinkles along the hemline unfortunately.

I decided to test drive the combo with some jeans for a Dodgers game Saturday night and it felt just right. Bring it on Summer 2012.

What are you adding to your summer wardrobe this year? Have your eye on something special? Share it in the comments below.

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