07 May 2012

Anthropologie May 2012 Catalog Loveliness

I love getting the Antropologie catalogs in the mail. They are so inspiring to me as someone who loves fashion, home decor, jewelry, photography and nature.  This jewelry paired with the gorgeous green dress is amazing. And the styling with the wallpaper and the lighting is gorgeous. Those Anthro people just continue to maintain the most fantastically inspiring levels of creativity, year after year.

Doesn't this image just make you want to run out and buy more hats. It reminds me to appreciate the hats I have and to take more risks with my headwear. It's funny I never liked myself in hats until The Man said he liked me in hats. Then I looked at myself in a new way and I've enjoyed hats and wearing them with more confidence ever since. Funny how we can build up a dumb, self-critical wall that someone can so easily remove with one or two compliments.

If this doesn't inspire you to see the world and get your feet in an ocean STAT, I don't know what will. A nap, oh a nap in this spot. There couldn't be anything more lovely. Anthropologie definitely inspires us to see the world and make the most of enjoying it.

Anthropologie always inspires me to bring more color into my life and use simple and colorful things to brighten up my home. Gorgeous collection of plates.

This image inspires me to take a few minutes before I walk out the door and accessorize. It's amazing how just a couple of minutes taken to add a little jewelry can take something beautiful and make it stunning, memorable and totally unique. I love it when I take that time and it always pays off in how I feel about myself, how I move in the world and how the world sees me.

If you're not getting the Anthropologie catalog in the mail, I encourage you to sign up. You can order a catalog right here. If you are a vision board keeper like me, this will pay off immediately and inspire you to no end.

Have a great day! Sending you the very best wishes.

photos of catalog by kalanicut, amazing catalog of course by Anthropologie 

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