01 May 2012

Tuesday Quick Tip - Avoid Illness With Nasal Spray & Mouthwash

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Last week while visiting our pediatrician we got into a conversation with her about staying healthy. She mentioned saline nasal spray and I said we were BIG fans of the stuff. I mentioned that I had not had many colds over the past couple of years since I started using saline nasal spray and a really strong mouthwash regularly.

Her face lit up and she said it makes perfect sense. We get sick when germs have a chance to get into our noses and mouths and sit there a while. So cleaning nose and mouth regularly are a great help to staying healthy.

I use several brands of saline nasal spray and don't have any I prefer over the other. The important thing with the sprays is most often the nozzle, does it spray well or not. Some I have found are not so great and end up getting messy and annoying. Saline nasal spray is very inexpensive, especially when you consider the cost of having a few colds a year: missed work, cough drops, syrups, fever reducers, etc. etc.

My favorite mouthwash is BreathRx. It is strong -- strong enough that it will clean your teeth about as good as a good tooth brushing will do. It costs a good bit more than many other brands, but a bottle lasts a long time. If you click on the link above you can get a $2 off coupon, so that helps. Plus if you factor in all the cold medicine you won't need by staying healthy, you are saving a ton.

So don't forget our friends saline nasal spray and mouthwash on a regular basis as part of you stay healthy plan. It's doctor approved.

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