03 May 2012

Latest Thrift Shopping Finds

I haven't been thrift shopping much lately but a couple of weeks ago I just needed a break from the rat race and sneaked away for a wander through the thrift store around the corner. Every once in a while you hit a good day at the thrift store and this was one of those days.

I found two brand new large rolls of raffia. I'm ready to do raffia again it's been a while since it first experienced overkill. So I'm opening myself up to using it again and making it fresh. I also found this beautiful cutlery basket. I can just imagine a lifetime of party silverware carried from the kitchen to the patio for festive events with family and friends.

It's a pretty yellow, but yellow isn't a color I use a lot. So I'm thinking that I may go bright green and incorporate it into the pre-wedding party decor. I bought a bunch of beautiful green and white paper napkins for a pre-wedding barbecue and family event. It might be really beautiful in a nice gray color.

As for the wedding, we're on hold due to scheduling issues we're facing. So for those of you who may be wondering why you haven't heard much, that is why. We're in a holding pattern due to things outside of our control. I've made my peace with it and we are doing great in spite of all that. Now back to the thrifting. I mentioned I found several great things. So here are a few more treasures I found.

I found a wood tray that I am excited to refurbish. I refurbished a wood bowl a couple of years ago and have been looking for more wood treasures to fix up. You can see my wood bowl fix up here. I am going to sand this down to it's natural state, then I will oil the wood and buff it until is shines. This tray would be great for serving homemade cookies, sliced veggies or fruit. Can't wait to see what it looks like in it's natural state.

I also fell hard for this footed metal tray. It's long and skinny and I love that it rises up from the table top a bit for added eye appeal. It will be so lovely filled with candles or loose flowers. It would be nice on the mantle underneath the large painting I have there. I think this could find a place in the wedding decor someday too. I can also see it lighting an outdoor dinner table for late night chats after a lovely dinner.

The woven tray in the back is flat with handles. I imagine this becoming an outdoor party serving staple too. I can see it piled high with all kinds of lovely foods: fruit, cold cuts, cheeses, breads or other items in a buffet.

It was fun to add a few festive items to my entertaining and home decor options. It's great to have some much loved pieces to rotate around. I'm looking forward to using these things with friends and family. And I'm inspired again to enjoy a good thrift shopping adventure now and again.

Here are a few links to some other great thrift shopping days.

Have you found something dreamy on a thrift shopping adventure lately? Do you have long held treasures you scooped up years ago?

images by kalanicut

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