17 May 2012

DIY-Y-Y-Y-Yes I Think I Might

Well, when I saw this jar at the Hotel California in Todos los Santo, Mexico, I fell a little in love. The size is phenomenal. I like the stand, I like the stature...like it all. The more I looked at it the more I saw myself starring in a one woman show called, DIY Mexican Pottery.

Can you see it....a nice terracotta jar/pot with stand from the local big box store or a local specialty shop...aged a bit with some chalk dust and a little dirt and moss for good measure. Maybe use a little strategic chisel or hammer action to make a small chip or two in strategically random places.

Then I would start at the bottom and start writing something small in all caps that is meaningful...around and around and around. Next I'd just smudge it up a good bit, then I would spray on several layers of matte sealant. Could be very cool.

What do you think? Easy DIY or harder than it looks? Something you might want to experiment with?

image by kalanicut

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