15 May 2012

Mexican Inspired Design - The Hotel California

I've been enjoying the artistic and relaxed nature of Mexican inspired home decor the past couple of weeks and thought I would share a few favorites. The shots in this post are from the Hotel California in Todos los Santos, Mexico and feature some of the best of inspired Mexican design elements and arts and crafts. I love this bright blue, it is so cheery paired with the leafy greens and wood tones.

Mexican style inspired me to slow down. It also inspires the mixing of bolder colors, something that can be challenging for many people. I love the energy Mexican design inspires. I love the value placed on inviting spaces that mix earth tones with dark reds and bright blues and whites. Each of these areas truly creates a small vignette you are just dying to walk into and sit a spell.

Doesn't this path just bid you, "Come, come see." You always want to know what is just around the corner -- after sitting where you are for a spell of course. I love these green and blue striped pillows. They are so fresh against the aged wood and worn bricks.

I love the mix of artistry: paintings, carvings, metal work, ceramics, paints and fabrics that bring each of these areas together so perfectly. Each item stands out on its own merits, but together create a cohesive space that is completely one-of-a-kind and so welcoming.

Do I really need to say anything about how inviting this cool, blue pool looks. Talk about an oasis in the hot desert! A gorgeous, cozy place to cool off. And those are not your run of the mill, blazing hot metal deck chairs. Those are chairs you could really sit and read a magazine in all day long. A perfect place to work on the tan, eat lunch, and nap.

I am such a fan of all the beautiful punched tin lanterns in Mexico. While I was there I saw two men in a small boat transporting a wonderful, large, barrel size metal lantern across the water.  It nearly filled the entire boat. That charmed me to no end and I wished they were making that delivery to me. I can just imagine the ambiance that lantern would give out on a lovely patio at night.

I love a good reed or palm roof top for an outdoor space. These mixed lanterns hanging at varying heights underneath created a warm and inviting spot that seems so perfect to sit in the evening with friends.

There seems to be no end to the big, beautiful old wood doors you find in Mexico. Some with ornate metal grates on windows, metal studs and trims. Ah, wouldn't it be so lovely to have doors like that in your home, rather than the horrible hollow core variety?

All these beautiful design elements, mingled and layered together make for a space that is so visually interesting and welcoming. Mexico has a culture that reminds visitors to slow down and enjoy life, enjoy time with friends, enjoy the view, enjoy good food, without rushing through. The design elements I so love create the places where you want to do that. That is what I love most about Mexican interior and exterior design.

Are you a fan of Mexican inspired decors? Could you implement parts of it into your home or patio? What are your favorite elements?

all images by kalanicut

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