25 May 2012

Good Posture Never Goes Out of Style

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Happy Friday, ya'll! It's been an unusual and interesting week in these parts. Yesterday I saw a man who was probably not much older than me. But his posture was so bad that it made him look much, much older. Whenever I see someone with very bad posture it's always a scare for me to be sure to pull my shoulders back and stand up straight. I don't want to train my spine to be hunched over. It can only get worse as the years go by.

When I was growing up we had a dear neighbor woman who took a special interest in my sister and I because we were tall like she was. She continually reminded us that we should stand up straight in a very kind way. I still think of her whenever I think about posture.

A few years ago I had a friend I worked with who was a yoga instructor. One day we got talking about how important good posture was to us, but how often we found ourselves slouching. After that day it became a running joke to try to catch each other at our desks sitting poorly. Sometimes we would send a random e-mail saying, "Are you slouching?! Sit up straight!" Even after we didn't work together I would sometimes get a "sit up straight" text on my phone or a Facebook reminder about my posture. I still get a good laugh about it and the reminders still come occasionally. To that all I can say is, "Hey Summer, sit up straight!"

Great posture is healthy for your spine, good for blood flow, and displays a sense of personal worth and confidence. A key element to good posture is muscle strength. Yoga and regular core workouts make it much easier to maintain a beautiful posture. Holding your head up high is a beautiful thing and one will catch much more of life and good things coming their way if looking up.

So I challenge you today to think about your posture. Sit up straight. Stand up straight. Remind your family. Set a good example by doing it yourself. It's so good for you and speaks volumes about you before you even speak. Head held high. Head held high.

To help you on your road to better posture, here's a link to Muscle Hack's 10 Easy Ways To Improve Your Posture. Have a fantastic holiday weekend!

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