08 May 2012

It's A Great Time To Plant A Small Garden

As I opened up the patio curtains one morning last week I was stopped in my tracks at how beautiful, green and lush everything looked. Lots of tomatoes on the vine, rosemary looking tall and beautiful and the basil, which was struggling a bit, has gloriously come back after a good trim and some TLC. The thyme as always continued to produce lushly and need regular "haircuts."

I thought this was the perfect time to inspire you to do a little gardening. I have two simple tips from my own past failures -- 1) start small and 2) take a few minutes to study up. It took me 10 years of living in SoCal before I got the smarts to realize I could grow food on my little patios. And taking just a few minutes to learn about the plants I am growing helped immensely in my ability to keep them alive. Best of all the rewards have been amazing.

It is so satisfying to make your own spaghetti sauce from homegrown tomatoes, run out and grab fresh basil for a sandwich or pizza and I love making roasted potatoes with my own thyme and rosemary.

There are a lot of inspiring gardening blogs and posts out there. I encourage you to check them out. Here's a post I wrote last summer about the wonderful crops from the patio. Here are links to some favorite small space gardening ideas.

Indoor Gardening from Shelter Pop
Pallet Gardening from Apartment Therapy
Gutter Gardens by Suzanne Forsling for the Juneau Empire
Outdoor Vertical Garden from Shelterness

Hope this inspires you to put a few seeds in the ground. Happy gardening! If you are already gardening I've love to hear what you love to grow! Tell us all about in the comments below.

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Maybe I can do this ... if I start small.

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