28 May 2012

Memorial Day 2012 Let Us Show Our Thanks

The sacrifices of others is very much on my mind this Memorial Day 2012. I am becoming personally acquainted with those sacrifices. On this day I want to say thank you to all who have served in the United States military. I also want to send my love to the general (who I sadly will never know in this life), the colonel (hope to see you soon) and the LCDR who I enjoy every minute possible with.

We are still a nation at war although the media and many people seem to have forgotten that. There are many families still making great sacrifices and the supreme sacrifice to protect our country. There are still troops being deployed to war zones and families who are long separated from each other. Might I encourage you to remember the neighbors in your community who could use a helping hand in so many ways while their fathers and mothers are serving abroad. There are many places to volunteer your time and contribute funds including VA hospitals, the USO, Wounded Warrior Project or with summer patriotic events and programs in your town or city.

It's moving time for many military families now that the school year has ended. It is very hard to feel at home when you move every two years, especially for kids. Reach out to military families in your community, in your schools and do what you can to help those kids make friends and enjoy heartfelt relationships. When your life is yanked out from under you every two years, it's tough to learn to make friends and survive in the social scene.

Visit the beautiful veterans memorials and cemeteries around the country and take a few minutes to feel of the sacrifice and whisper a thank you across the rows of white markers. Teach your children the patriotic songs of our country. Buy a flag and fly it at home. Stand up in deep respect when you see the flag and hear the national anthem. Sing it. Put your right hand over your heart. 

These are just a few small things we can to do say Thank You to the men and women who have made great sacrifices to keep our country safe and strong. God bless America!

all photos by kalanicut

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