05 December 2011

Decorating For Christmas

Good morning, Monday. I hope you lovely friends had a happy first weekend of December. I am having a bit of an unusual holiday season this year. Unusual schedules have left me with a lot of time alone, which is quite unusual for me these days. So I've been slowly pulling all the holiday decorations together, looking forward to merry days with loved ones later in the season.

Last week I finished these two little Christmas trees that I started last year. I finished up the wool wrap on the trees, made small decorations out of paper and then added the moss around the base of the pots. Last year I bought the pots, found the sticks, made the plaster of Paris to fill the bases and got the fabric pinned on. It was nice to finish these up. I pinned the decorations on so I can change up these trees at my whim.

Yesterday The Bug and I made foam snowmen from a small kit I purchased before Thanksgiving. These were one of the hardest crafts I have made in a while due to all the gluing and them falling over again and again while we waited for the glue to dry. Glue gun might've made these a lot easier. I would definitely rethink my adhesive options on these for the future. Love the scarves, ear muffs and carrot noses.

I bought these glitter stars at Target before Thanksgiving thinking they would be pretty somewhere. Last night I hung five of them from the ceiling along the front of the large sliding glass door in front of my balcony. I was so charmed that they twirl and glitter in the light and make things quite charmingly holiday-ish. A simple little addition that really made things sparkle.

I have shiny baubles to add around and I think this year I will get a big tree for the first time in all the years I've lived in California. I'm in the mood and it sounds so lovely. Imagining coming home to the scent of a real Christmas tree sounds quite magical.

Hopefully in the next day or two I'll have the house decorated. Then I have two holiday parties I'm helping with this week. Should make for an adventurous week. Hope you are enjoying  your holiday season. Sending you my best wishes for a beautiful December.

images by kalanicut

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