07 January 2010

New Year’s Eve -- TAKE TWO

Last Wednesday we lost a dear, dear friend who died in an instant in the middle of the night. She stood up out of bed and was gone. Mourning our heartbreaking loss eclipsed New Year’s considerations and celebrations. So in her honor I’ve decided to celebrate New Year’s Eve tonight.

Thankfully we, her loved ones, have a very strong faith that this life is not all there is and that we will be reunited with her again at the end of our lives. I am already excited for my next opportunity to talk to her. I was to phone her the day she died and am so grateful for text messages we exchanged the day before. She was such a wonderful friend and example, so much fun to be around. She is one of those people who made everyone around her feel like a million bucks.

As we have thought and spoken of how we might honor her, the words have come repeatedly, be like her. Do your part to fill the great void she left behind in serving others, smiling, laughing and loving. A tall order to be sure, but following her grand example, maybe we can all step up and do more, and make this world an even better place.

So she has set the standards for my goals and thoughts for 2010. Don’t worry about being perfect; don’t even try – just do your best. Live well. Smile lots. Choose to be happy. Share laughter with friends and family. See the good in others. Make the most of every day.

1 comment:

Angie said...

Well Said. Oh how I miss her!!!

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