09 December 2011

The Shiny City Tour - Los Angeles

I went into the city today, to "downtown." I have been doing creative projects for the holidays, writing and taking any opportunity that has come my way to do service this holiday season. I felt I could use a change of scenery for the day. So as soon as I finished up my morning rituals I took off with my camera.

I basically did a big circle around the downtown area, stopping at a few favorite warehouse haunts and taking photos whenever I saw something interesting.  Being stopped in traffic now and then was not such a bad thing when it afforded me some unique views of the city.

I drove through some gritty areas. At one point I decided not take my usual freeway route but instead be adventurous and try the city streets in the general direction of my next destination. I had no idea where I was going, but it was great to find my way. I had to circle a block or two a few times but in not long I found my way.

I loved pushing my instinct to figure out neighborhoods I had never seen before by using the hillsides and other landmarks to get me there. I drove by instinct and I was actually dead on about the street I needed to be on, but questioned myself and instead ended up going further and cutting back. But I did it which was great and I learned the basic layout of a new part of the city.

I drove past some of the oldest buildings in the city, some of the most historic neighborhoods and restaurants -- Lincoln Heights, China Town, Olvera Street and more. The sky was amazingly blue today. By photographing the city sky scapes I got a sense for the light that is unique to Los Angeles and felt a refreshed connection to the city. It's always such a great reminder to go out of your regular routine in your own city and appreciate all the history and all there is to see and do right around you.

So that's a little tour of my shiny city and a challenge to you to get out and see your city and shake up your daily view in more ways that just visually. As I drove around today I was reminded of how very blessed we are and how very blessed I am. That may be the greatest gift of getting outside of of one's normal routine. You see everything with fresh eyes and appreciation.

images by kalanicut

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