06 December 2011

Handmade Gift Exchange Received

Are you feeling the holiday spirit now? I have had some moments over the past few days of deep joy in the magic of this month. It was been fun to share that with friends and family.

Very late Friday night I decided to pop by and check the mail. I have a very small box and it's always a surprise to find a packaged tucked inside it. When I opened the box I found a happy arrival from my Handmade Gift Exchange partner, Staci from Just Sew Sassy.

A brown scarf was right up my alley and the gathered element was a good update to my usual scarf wearing. A scarf was a perfect gift for a girl who wears one around her neck at least half the year. In a humid climate, there is nothing better than a little something cozy to keep the neck covered and warm.

I love the warm hue of the lovely hair clips. Such a great color! So girly and fun. Will be a nice addition to spice up some curls, buns and ponytails. I love having new inspiration to spice up the look. Always need that, it's so easy to get into ruts with the same old accessories all the time.

To see more of Staci's pretty designs, check out her Etsy shop Maddie Mae Lane. With her shop partner, she creates a beautiful collection of scarves, jewelry and hair accessories. Best of all I love the flower sashes. You will definitely want to check out Staci's blog Just So Sassy too. It is full of fantastic, crafty, creative ideas. There is a LOT to enjoy and get inspired by - I definitely have to brag up her talents.

Thanks Staci for a fun holiday surprise. And a big thanks to Linda Gardner of Craftaholics Anonymous for again organizing the Handmade Gift Exchange. You can see a Link Up party of all the creations made for the holiday exchange here. Linda's blog is full of great creative projects. I am really liking her ruffled Christmas trees on her holiday mantle.

Lastly, see what I sent to Staci here. I have really enjoyed participating in gift exchanges and making friends around the world. It's so fun to put something pretty together and always a surprise to see what will come your way.

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