19 December 2011

5 Kitchen Tools I Love In Multiples

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Hello Monday. It's a happier Monday than usual because it's the week of Christmas, parties are winding down and now it's time to get cozy with loved ones and make the most of the holiday. It's baking time, gift wrapping time -- or for a lot of men I know, it's time to hit the mall. I always laughed working retail when on Christmas Eve the only people in the mall were guys, sometimes with a kid or two in tow. Good luck guys, I know how hard we seem to be to shop for.

I have been in the kitchen a lot the past few days. I had a lot of quality time with my kitchenware and I am reminded again about a few tools I have in multiples that making baking and cooking so much easier. Here's a quick list.

1) Measuring Cups and Spoons -- If you only have one set these are a pain to keep rewashing as you measure a variety of ingredients for one recipe. I have three sets of each and on a busy cooking or baking day have been known to use all three.

2) Liquid Measuring Cups -- Once you've measured oil in one of these, if you need to reuse it, add a clean-up process that derails your baking time. It's nice to have varying sizes too.

3) Rubber Scrappers -- A variety of sizes and shapes makes cleaning out any container a snap.

4) Spatulas -- Every type of spatula has it's best use scenario. Stiff ones are better for turning things like grilled cheese or pancakes or taking cookies off a pan. A bendable spatula is excellent for making a perfect omelet.

5) Wire Whisks -- I can use several of these a day and I don't enjoy hand washing one every time I need it. Because I often use them with egg mixtures I like the sanitizing wash of the dishwasher to make sure they are sterile. So I have all I need and can throw them in the dishwasher when used.

What tools do you love and use in multiples? I'd love to hear. I love all I learn from you. Hope you are having a lovely and peaceful start to your week. Happy Monday.

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