12 December 2011

Christmas Decorations In Progress

Happy Monday. Hope you're enjoying the best of the season. I had a big party to help with on Saturday night and now I'm pretty free to just enjoy the holidays. I do have one little problem though....Could getting my decorations finished be dragged out any longer??? Probably not. But I'm determined to get things in place finally this week.

I've lost my greenery for the mantle. Obviously I stored it away somewhere last year and now it's nowhere to be seen. I don't have that big of an apartment and not that much in storage so it's pretty hard to figure out where it could've gone. I may just go buy new. In theory I'm pretty committed to using fresh greenery, but my practical side has given in to faux greenery. Sorry fellow naturalists. I will be bringing in some fresh greenery to mix in. Once I have some greenery in the house I'll make final decisions on the mantle and pretty that baby up including adding a new phrase to the big blackboard.

I whipped up some simple decor for the tables. You can see my paper train station that is the centerpiece for my dining table here later today. For the coffee table in the living room I used our favorite jars of shells and sea glass and simple added some ornaments to the heads and added a couple of candles on the side.

Things are starting to come together. My other task for the next couple of days is to mail Christmas cards. It may come as a shock to you that I decided not to make my own cards this year. Oh the horror, right?! I figured since I am working on pulling together DIY invitations for a certain upcoming wedding, that it's just not necessary to take on too much and try to make cards. So I bought some pretty cards and will pop a little personal note with photos into them and ship them off to dear friends and family near and far.

In the next week I will have a few new holiday decorations and projects to come. Baking is yet to come and I can't wait to pull out the mixer and cookie cutters for sugar cookies and gingerbread. I'm pulling together the holiday look, have been playing the holiday sounds around the house and in the car. Now it's time to bring in the scents of the holiday. Can't wait.

images by kalanicut

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