16 December 2011

Water: An Emergency Essential

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Hap-Hap-Happy Friday! I'm guessing you have a lot going on this weekend??? Yesterday I got busy cleaning the house from top to bottom, then did a massive grocery shop. Wow. I am really surprised by how expensive food is getting in California.

Once I walked out of the grocery store I saw a trail of three police helicopters crossing the city overhead -- that can't be good. Then I looked around my neighborhood in the complete gridlock that often takes over from late afternoon to mid-evening, the blaring horns and angry drivers. These are not people I want to be dealing with in an emergency, particularly in a shortage situation. Yesterday a major freeway, that we drive often, had a tanker explosion fire that left people stranded on the freeway for hours here in Los Angeles. Just last night on the phone The Man asked me how my emergency water supply was at my house.

All these things reminded me, as I walked out through the parking lot to my car that I needed to get a new supply of emergency water for my home. I found my 2-gallon jugs had started to slowly leak so I used them to water all the plants a couple of weeks ago. I marched right back into the store and bought ten gallons of emergency water. That along with the pitchers of water and water bottles I keep filled at home ought to be enough to last at least a few days in an emergency.

The very interesting part about emergencies is that they seldom happen at a convenient time. A normal day begins and then suddenly something happens and everything changes instantly. Here are a few questions to ask yourself about your own preparedness:

1) Are you prepared at home with food, water, medicine, fuel and light and temporary shelter to get you through a few days?

2) Do you have a 72-hour kit in your home for each member of your household including pets?

3) Do you have a 72-hour kit in your car? Blankets, toilet paper, food, water and other essentials you might need if you were stranded on a road somewhere?

4) Do you have a 72-hour kit at your office? You're there a lot and could be there when an emergency strikes. You don't want to spend the night fighting over the junk in the vending machine with everyone in your building. Do you have comfortable shoes and even a spare set of clothing stored there that you could walk home in if necessary?

5) Do you have a family preparedness plan? Where will you meet if you are at work, your spouse is at work and your kids are at school? Who can help you if you are unable to get to your children? Do you have phone numbers easily accessible?

6) Do you have an emergency phone list and plan for who you will contact to let them know you are okay? In an emergency phone lines are often tied up and you won't have a lot of phone time. Calling one person who is out of the area who can call the rest of your family for you can help relieve a lot of stress for everyone.

Here is a link to a post filled with helpful information and other links that can help you be prepared in an emergency. You don't want to be the family fighting over the last loaf of bread at the store once something bad happens. By doing everything you can to ensure you are safe and well in an emergency you will reduce the drain on emergency services supplies and personnel and put yourself in a position to help others instead.

And in case you are still looking for gift ideas, 72-hour kits and emergency supplies make fantastic holiday gifts!

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Nanda said...

I agree- they make great gifts. Great reminder! We emptied our water for the move but refilling them will be high priority!

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