03 June 2014

Birthday Bargain: Rockport Meja Lime Green Clogs

It's no secret around here that I love a good pair of wood clogs. I do still vividly remember my first pair of clogs, red, cork heel. Heaven. I got to enjoy a little birthday shopping spree last week and for the money I had I got some great deals.

I had looked at these Rockport clogs (hello super well made!) for a while. Then when we were out shopping I had about five minutes to wait for The Man and as I was standing waiting I looked across the mall hallway and saw my favorite clogs on the clearance rack for $9.99. It was the perfect way to use my five minutes of waiting time. I swooped in, grabbed that shoe box went right to the register a few feet away, slapped down a little cash and was on my way back to wait for The Man with plenty of time to spare.

I haven't worn these babies yet, but I envision that they would be so cute with a white cotton summer dress with a small lime green print or a white embroidered cotton top and jeans. It's a great color to play off of navy or a deep pink too.

I love having a pair of clogs with a heel that I can wear for every day running around. It just picks things up a notch from say, flip flops or flat sandals all the time. I don't know if I've ever mentioned it but I always wear toe socks with my clogs. You can buy toe socks but they are hard to find. So I started making my own.

I just buy a pack of white ankle socks from the dollar store and then cut off the heel. If you try it, cut them longer than you expect because they curl up a bit and shrink. I try to cut mine to be about four inches long. Super easy way to get three or four pairs for a buck instead of paying five to seven dollars for two pair, especially since toe socks are small and can easily get lost around the house or in the laundry.

Looking forward to start sporting these cuties around. I am also feeling inspired to maybe make myself that white and lime green cotton dress to go with them. I do have a little special event coming up that I could wear an outfit like that to. Hmmm. Maybe a trip to the fabric store. I've seen some awesome pattern ideas on Pinterest the last week or so.

Maybe a dress like this might be perfect, in white and lime green of course. Or this one. Do I really have time to sew a dress before the weekend? I did just pull my sewing machine out last night so it is all set up. But this sounds just a little crazy. Hmmm. If I'm going to do it, it has to happen today. Trip to JoAnn's anyone?

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