25 June 2014

Bracelets To Anchor My Soul

I don't know when I first started doing this, probably sometime in my college days, but anyway, at some point I started making little bracelets that I could wear to remind me of important things, to steel my soul, to help me get through challenging days.

Over the years I made them with different kinds of leather and beads to remind me to smile and look for joy, of happy vacations and beautiful summers or to comfort me after a friend passed away, or while The Man was away and in danger. I often wear bracelets The Bug made for me on days where superhero feats of mom or wife are required. Her simple pony bead bands remind me that life's greatest joys are just that, simple, and to not get too caught up in silly grown up things.

For some reason, tying something around my wrist is just the right place to be visible and comforting to me. Sometimes the bracelets are just tied on with a big square knot, or a slide knot or sometimes a nice clasp or toggle. Sometimes I will dismantle old bracelets to use the parts to make something new. I like the flexibility and being able to let go of reminders of the past and to be able to make something new and invigorating. Sometimes the bracelets just totally wear out, other times when I feel like I don't need their comfort anymore they find their way into my bracelet jewelry tray to be worn again in another time or to become part of something new.

I keep a small supply of bracelet making materials in my craft drawers so that any time I am feeling a little weak, I can rummage through my drawers and find something to make a bracelet from for myself that just perfectly catches the spirit of the moment.

Here are a few of the supplies I keep on hand:
  • Leather Cord: I keep a supply of cord in a variety of colors. My favorite is chocolate brown because it goes with anything, but I have pink, red and other colors too.
  • Alphabet Beads: It's always nice to be able to put together a little code word or initials or a word of peace with a few alphabet beads on hand. I like the round metal beads with raised letter.
  • Charms Of All Sorts: I keep shells, buttons, small stones, old charms, vintage trinkets of all kinds and have made jewelry out of many of them.
  • Seed and Wood Beads: I have a great variety of these and if I am in the mood for color or touches of nature they are just perfect!
  • Jewelry wrapping wire: Great for turning shells, stones and other little items into charms you can string onto a cord.
I was thinking last weekend I needed a new bracelet to remind me of my mantra "Now is MY time" and to remind me to stay in peace even when it seems things are difficult - and even more importantly to NOT look at everything as difficult but rather to expect joy and simplicity from life. It was nice to know I had all the elements on hand to whip up a little something I could hold close to my soul as I journey through this year. 

Do you have little amulets or some kind of talisman that you carry with you to remind you of your inspiration?

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