24 June 2014

Sewing Inspiration For Summer

Fleurs dress

One of the things that got me most excited about sewing this summer is looking at inspiration on Pinterest. There are so many people making so many lovely things. I have notice too that sewing pins seem very popular these days and I can feel that a lot of people would like to be sewing. So I thought I would share some of my favorite sewing inspirations for summer cottons. Hope they give you some good ideas.

Unfortunately this dress, above, is no long for sale on the Envelope website, but you can see it on Pinterest. It would be a great sewing project. I love the simple sleeves and detailing at the neck and hem. It would be pretty in a fabric with eyelet edging. A simple pattern like this wouldn't be too hard to find at a fabric shop.

image via mardiwinen blog

Mardi shared some details on making this dress/tunic and I would really encourage you to check out her post. I would like to have this as a tunic or slightly longer dress. Even though it is just barely beginning to be summer I am remember how nice it is to wear light cottons at this time of year and thinking about our real, warm summer which comes in August, September and sometimes October. 


I've been seeing DIY kimono tops online in the past few weeks. I love that the author of Nearest The Pin blog calls this a Finish What You Started project. This is a cute post and has a link to another site with more on the Kimono. I think we can all relate to having unfinished projects lying around. Great inspiration to finish up sewing projects. 

This leads me to another thing about people who sew. They are very willing to help each other out with tips and helpful hints. On sewing blogs I often see authors and commenters who will let you know where they had problems and they can save you a lot of headaches in advance. I remember that after jumping through some links to different blogs by women who had also made the tunic Mardi made, above, that there were some good helps on how to improve the fit. No one likes to be frustrated when sewing so I think the helping hands are great! 

drool. these patterns are fabulous. why have i not become obsessed with making my own clothes before now?? i'm blaming it on the fact that the piece of homemade clothing that sticks out the most in my mind from my childhoodwas the mc hammer-esque, long-pants, short sleeved jumper that had a lacy neckline. c'mon mom! why did you have to let the early nineties overtake your sewing machine??
One thing I love about sewing patterns is that there are often a few different options for lengths, sleeves, necklines, pockets and all the fun little details. This is a fun pattern that can be made as a shirt or dress. I love the pleated front. I also love that you can alter the measurements on everything when you sew. I would need to make this dress a good bit longer! 

image via suburbsmama

This is a fast and easy tutorial from Suburbs Mama, Rita, to make pencil skirts. Skirts are a great way to incorporate color and pattern into the wardrobe and when you can whip up a bunch of skirts you have instant wardrobe update if you have a few good basics to go on top.

You can see lots more sewing inspiration on my Pinterest Board Sewing Projects. Are you doing any sewing this summer? What are you working on?

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