05 June 2014

Spin Class Wisdom For Life: Just Start Again

Today I felt like sharing a bit of inspiration I got a few months ago from a spinning class teacher. It was pretty brilliant. For some reason it really clicked with me that day and I have thought about it many times since that day in the bike studio at the gym.

She said that if you are cycling along and find you have slowed down, tuned out, or are not with the program, stop that and start pedaling hard again. Such a simple concept. If you're not headed where you want to go just stop and start again doing what you intended to do.

So often when we find ourselves not headed where we intended we slow down for long periods of time. Sometimes we sulk, get mad or go full bore into a massive specially personalized guilt trip and into self-defeating negative talk which then drives us into a downward spiral. We fret, throw out our plans, consider our efforts a failure and try to reinvent the wheel that will get us to where we want to go.

In many cases it is far simpler. Just stop the distraction and then start again as you intended. That's it. Takes no more than five seconds and "boom" you are on your way forward again in the manner you intended. No muss, no fuss.

I've tried to remember this and put it into practice in my life. Just stop what wasn't working and start again in the way I wanted to go. It's much easier than making every little misstep a major detour to our success. Little daily course corrections are so much easier when you give yourself the right to just stop and start again. Thanks spin class teacher for that little gem of wisdom!

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